Inspiration for the End

Contributed by Alicia Hayes, Speaker for niNe. magazine

pexels-photoYou’re almost done with school! At this point, your problem with studying and completing assignments isn’t about lack of focus; it’s a lack of inspiration. Some people have a hard time “getting in the zone” without motivation to do so. I am one of those people. Here are some ways that I have found inspiration to “get going” again:


Music is one of the most accessible, inspiring resources I have when I don’t know how to start a project. There are many ways that music can serve as a motivator. Instrumental music in particular is great because there are no lyrics to distract you. It’s easy to categorize Classical music as the only type of Instrumental music, but Jazz, Techno, Electronica, Dance, etc. are all effective motivational music genres.

Find an album that is related to your project so that if you start to daydream, the music will point you back to your work. The excitement and energy that comes from listening to your favorite artist can be channeled back into your assignment. If your new music is piling up, pick something at random to play in the background.


Often when I’m struggling with articulating my words or figuring out where to start on a project, I’ll go for a walk. Or, I’ll take five minutes and go through a yoga flow. Whatever physical activity I choose, it’s short, invigorating and gives me a push in the right direction.


Believe it or not, a simple beverage will make me in the zone. After I set up my workstation, a cup of coffee, made exactly to my liking, is the boost I need to start moving. Of course, it doesn’t have to be coffee. There are plenty of other non-caffeinated drinks that can still invigorate you and be the finishing touch on a study session. Try fruit-infused water, juice or decaf tea.


You’re not alone! The people around you have thoughts and experiences connected to your school subject. Take some time to talk to siblings, parents, friends or youth group leaders about your study methods and assignments. When I have turned to other people, they have often either given me study tips or a casual discussion about my subject (which then made the wheels in my head turn).

For example, my last semester in college when I was writing for niNe. magazine, I had an article to write that I was struggling to finish. I went to do some homework with a friend and we wound up talking about the article. She thought the concept was really fun and interesting and our conversation led to me completing the article easily.


Remember, not everyone has the same learning styles and work methods. Don’t feel bad if you can’t just sit down and knock out some assignments. It’ll be better for you in the long run to figure out how to approach projects in a time-efficient and self-sufficient manner. If you want some encouragement, direction, motivatio, or inspiration, tweet to us @niNeMag or email at Also, let me know what strategies work for you! I’d love to give them a try before my next deadline. You can do it!

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