Born Again

I am intrigued by the work of so many of the musicians that we feature in the pages of niNe. magazine. Each artist has a unique story to tell and each song carries that story to the world.

Manafest Reborn Album Cover As we were reviewing new album releases to promote in the publication, I was really drawn to a quote made by Manafest about one of his songs. “To me, being reborn is starting over and having a second chance,” says Manafest. “It’s like hitting restart, but without having to go back in time and start from the very beginning. This song is a confession that it’s not easy, and that we can all have doubts, but just don’t give into them. I fall down, but I rise and go!”

The term “born again” is a Christian term that outsiders may not fully understand. Honestly, a lot of Christians themselves may not entirely understand the meaning of this term. It’s a term that can be overused in some settings and not used enough in others, but it’s a term that speaks deeply and intimately to each one of our lives because it opens the door to our relationship with the Lord.

But, today, I don’t want to talk about the term “Born Again.” Instead, I want to embrace this idea that we truly are born again every day. Manafest says it’s like having a second chance. When we truly look at our lives, we need a second chance every day. We may not have screwed up big time, but every decision we make impacts our lives and the lives of those we love. Unless we’re fully engaged with God, then we may unknowingly be in the wrong. That isn’t a discouragement; instead, the idea of being born again is a great encouragement. We don’t need to look at the pain we may have caused, but rather, we can focus on the blossoming power that comes from deciding to pursue everything fresh and new. We become so tainted and tired over time, but by “hitting restart” we have a daily opportunity to see the world with a revived and vibrant perspective.

We don’t have the time or energy to go back and fix everything, but we do have the ability to forgive, forget and move forward in honor of our Lord. He said to “pick up the cross daily” and we must choose to do so! We must give our lives over to Him constantly. Our conversion to Christianity isn’t a one-time thing. It’s a constant journey. How awesome! We live in a society full of instant gratification, but often times, once we’re gratified, we quickly become unsatisfied, regretting what we just engaged in. But, our life with Christ is never satisfied; yet it is completely satisfying.

We will all fall. Some of us will crash and burn. We will all run out of steam. But, we cannot let that define us. Because, no matter what situation we face, we will rise from it. We will overcome and we will be filled with glory.

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