Getting to Know You

Satan Doesn’t Want You to Know Yourself

Melinda Laging Hiding Behind HatSatan tries to distract you from getting to know yourself, because if you truly knew yourself, you’d know God. God resides in you. He desires a relationship with you. He knows you more than you know yourself. If you truly knew God, then you would hate Satan, and he would lose. Satan hates losing.

God resides in you.

Satan does not like God, so Satan tries to pull you away from yourself because he’s trying to pull you away from God. When you accept Christ into your life, the Holy Spirit becomes a part of you. So, if you really knew yourself, you’d have to know God because He is a part of you.

God desires a relationship with you

Satan’s characteristics are quiet opposite of God’s. When you deeply know God, then you gain more insight into the characteristics of Satan because you understand more of who God is and who He is not. As you learn more about who Satan really is, he becomes less and less attractive. As your relationship with God grows, your ability to overcome Satan becomes greater.

God knows you more than you know yourself.

God created you, therefore He knows more about you than you can know about yourself. He knows your greatest beauty. Satan tries to convince you to adjust or change that beauty, while God is the one that created you a certain way. He doesn’t want His craftiness hidden or manipulated. Instead, He knows its worth and purpose and desires for you to shine.

It sounds pretty lame that we don’t know our true identity, but more often than not, it’s the reality in which each of us live. We avoid learning who we really are because it’s easy to understand ourselves on the surface. If we really dug into our own personality, we might find some issues that we don’t want to deal with or some characteristics that we don’t like. These issues are painful and to face them means to face a past that haunts us. Or, it means we need to work to improve ourselves and become the person God actually wants us to be rather than hide behind whoever we’re most comfortable being in any particular moment. Learning our true identity may entail therapy or counseling – at the very least, some major soul searching and prayer.

Melinda Laging looking into camera If we really dug into who we truly are, then we have to know who God truly is too. We would have to spend time with Him, and that is very time consuming when we have tests to study for, papers to write, sports to practice, friends to hang out with, money to earn and family outings to attend. But, the beauty of spending time with God is that He is the creator of time and He can support you through the process by providing for you in ways that you’re unable to provide for yourself.

Rather than avoiding your true self, take some time to write down three things you’re doing to push you identity aside. They may be big, they may be small, but no matter the size, they’re keeping you from being the person God created you to be. Then, share these three things with trusted friends, mentors or family members. Ask them to help you overcome these areas in your life. Then, have them pray over you that God would give you the strength to overcome. It may take years to prevail, but once you admit that you’ve been avoiding your true identity, a weight will be lifted and you’ll feel less stressed about who you are and more refreshed in who God created you to be.


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