Additional Thoughts on the Feature Length Film

When people make fun of me for being a Christian, they usually say something along the lines of:

  • “Christians are wimps. You need to believe in something else because you’re not strong enough to believe in yourself.”
  • “You’re so lame for needing to believe that a God is in control of the world. That means you don’t have it all together yourself. You just need someone to blame when you can’t handle your life.”
  • “You’ll never amount to anything because you’re too weak.”

It’s statements like these that make me love the story about Samson (which opens as a feature film on Feb. 16). There’s nothing wimpy, lame or weak about the main characters of the story. Samson himself has supernatural strength and he has the brains to use it for God’s glory. Plus, he has the intelligence to protect his strength (he does protect it from Delilah’s conniving attempts several times before he gives in.) Delilah herself is strong. We overlook her as an evil temptress, but she uses human strength to face Samson. On addition, there’s all the soldiers that Samson defeats. These guys have pretty incredible physical might that should not be forgotten.

Strength in the Bible

The Bible is full of other stories of God’s greatness and the strength of the people He’s called into His kingdom. No one is perfect, but they all have incredible strength. The same is true of His people today. We all carry an incredible amount of power and strength because we‘re His. Not only do we have His supernatural strength within us through the Holy Spirit, but we also have strength to hold up the truth and moral integrity in a world that has pushed it aside. It takes a lot of strength to let go of your life’s desires and follow God’s will. Christ has called us to a difficult selfless life that cares about the wellbeing of other people in the midst of a self-seeking culture. These realities build strength in character.

Neither is scripture wimpy or lame. It presents powerful truths that are strong enough to change a heart which can impact an entire culture and influence a nation. The words of the Bible penetrate deep into the soul. Nothing else is as piercingly strong.

The Reality of God’s Strength

Samson, like many other Biblical stories, has everything that makes a good Hollywood film, but it’s Christian. God is the driving force behind it all. This is life: temptation, scandal, romance, action, betrayal, tragedy, love, courage, passion, heartbreak, motivation, triumph, victory. This is the reality of Samson. This is the reality we live in now. It takes a lot of strength to live this life.

Life is messy. It’s full of highs and lows. It’s full of obedience and consequences. It’s full of pain and victory. It’s full of suffering and triumph. It’s full of challenges and joys. All these elements exist in every life because that’s the reality of our relationship with the Lord. He did not create us to be one-dimensional. He created us to be dynamic and effervescent. We created us to want something greater than ourselves, which only He can offer, so we utilize His strength to get it.