Friend in Jesus

nmi_2011_fashionyear_00829a-1 I was really looking forward to connecting with one of my dearest friends over coffee. It had been months since we both had the time to connect. A lot had happened in my life and tons had occurred in her life and neither of us could wait to share. So, we met for coffee and rather than jumping into conversation, we just sat there in silence. Seriously, neither one of us said a thing for a long time.

At first, this really bugged me because I don’t have the opportunity to spend a lot of time with this particular friend, so I want to fully invest in the time we did have together. It’s not like we didn’t have anything to talk about. I just didn’t know what to say. At the time, nothing seemed as important as just spending time with one another.

As friends, we both want to invest in each other no matter what we’re doing or where we are. This helped me realize – silence is okay. It was nice to just hang out. It’s nice to simply be near her, in her presence. We don’t need to be talking all the time; we can just be present with one another.

As Christians we can be like that with Jesus. He’s always present, always around. But, we’re not always talking to Him, nor is He always talking to us. His presence is nice, and we need to realize His presence so we can rest in it and enjoy it. We can recognize His presence and find peace and comfort with just being near Him. We don’t always need to be engaging with one another, but we can live in enjoyment with the presence of one another.

nmi_2011_fashionyear_00832a-1Now, my friendship would never continue with this friend if we only sat together in the same room, always in silence. The same goes with Jesus. We can’t always be silent with Him and we can’t expect Him to always be silent with us. We have to engage in conversation and we have to listen to Him speak to our heart. However, we never need to force conversation with Him. Plus, we don’t need to force ourselves to hear Him. He will make Himself known – He always does. So instead of worrying about what you’ll hear or what you need to say, just be still in God’s presence and be grateful that you have Him as a friend you can confide in.