Minor Things = Major Thanks

nmi_2010_fashionyear_00535aI was working through a devotional on praying with a thankful heart. The devotion directed me to write or speak a prayer of thanksgiving for the object right in front of me. That object was my bed. Now, I’m very thankful for my bed, but it’s just a bed. As I started praying, thanking God for my bed, I realized how much that bed means to me:

Over the years, it has become a refuge or a sanctuary. It’s a place I go to when I’m hurting, frustrated or feeling lost. It’s often where I go to seek personal time with the Lord.

My closest friends and loved ones gather on my bed for some of the deepest, most intimate connections. Companionship is established on my bed whether between my husband and I or between a hurting friend who needs to cry and receive a hug.

My bed is also where I go to gain rest from a weary day.

It’s where I go when I’m sick and need to nurse myself back to help.

My bed is where I discover new dreams and ideas through the Lord’s leading.

My bed is not just a piece of furniture; it’s an item that has brought me closer to God on many occasions.

It fascinated me that my bed could mean so much to me, and that I could be so thankful for this one seemingly meaningless item in my life. So, I challenged myself to find other things that I tend to overlook, but actually bring me a lot of pleasure:

my journal, the pen I write with, the chair I was sitting in, a glass of water, a particular picture hanging on the wall, a window, a light… the list continued. It actually became a little game. As I went about my day, I would find the deepest thanksgiving for the most mediocre item in my world. This game went on for weeks, and I still find new things to be thankful for every day. It’s incredible!

So, now that we’ve entered into the week of Thanksgiving, when many people think of the things in which they are thankful. I challenge you to find the little things in your life that really carry your through. Don’t just thank God for the items you take for granted, but find the true meaning behind these items. Discover what these things actually do for you and how they support you during your journey with the Lord. He has provided you with so much, take time to let Him know how grateful you are for ALL the blessings He’s bestowed upon your life. He is good, and He wants to share that goodness with you. Open your eyes so you can see the purity of His goodness.