Are You Wandering in the Wilderness?

Faith32BlogWanderingWilderness_WordpressIt’s been just over ten years since we published our first issue of niNe. magazine. It’s been eleven years since God gave me the vision of niNe. It’s easy to reflect on all the incredible things that have occurred over the years. It’s wonderful to look at our successes. It’s awesome to zero in on the incredible stories we’ve heard of lives impacted and changed by our content. It’s amazing to examine the many ways we’ve grown. But, it’s easy to gloss over and ignore our failures.


There have been many failures. Each defeat has led to a lesson learned and a moment of significant growth. Some of our failures have been tiny flops; some have been huge disasters – all have impacted both individuals as well as the entire organization. There are too many failures to list, but one that continues to loom over our head.


What we’re experiencing here at niNe. isn’t a classical failure like many would see. Some would actually proclaim that it’s not a failure at all. Regardless, it’s potentially keeping us from the vastness of God’s vision for this ministry.


There are days when we become comfortable in our current state. There are days when we go to work and are satisfied with developing one magazine with the team of people God has called to this ministry. We’re content with the role and position we’re in presently. But, God has not given us a plan of comfort and coziness. No, He has given us a big goal, a long path to walk and a steady journey to strive for. He has great things in store for niNe. magazine, so we must not become complacent with where we are. Instead, we need to continue to focus on the vision He’s placed upon us. We must organize goals and journey forward. We must not fall short of the vision He’s placed on our heart.


When the Israelites refused to listen to the Lord’s plan for their lives, they became wanders in the wilderness for forty years (Numbers 14). They denied His purpose, didn’t believe that He could accomplish what He set before them and became fearful of His hopes for His beloved people. They settled for what they thought was comfortable and paid a steep price.


When you look at your life, are you settling? Are you fearful of what God has called you toward? The Israelites failed to trust in the Lord, and as a result became complacent. Are you doing the same? Certainly, you haven’t been wandering in the wilderness for forty years. But, if you refuse to follow God’s plan for your life now, you are setting yourself up for that in the future.


God’s plan for your future may be big and seem impossible, but if He planned it for you, then He’s planned a way for you to accomplish it. He’s lined it all up for you. It’s your job to focus on Him, listen to His word, follow and obey His leading. He will not let you down. He will not fail you. If you decline His calling and purpose, then you are failing. If you follow Him, then no matter what happens, you succeed and you do so gloriously.