Take a Drink


Salt is used in nearly every American recipe. It adds flavor, preserves food and enhances how food tastes. When it comes to the popular scripture in the Gospel of Matthew (5:13), we often focus on our role as Christians being about making God look good, preserving Him and increasing other’s interest in Him. We’re supposed to “spice” God up and make Him more “flavorful” so other people find Him appealing.

“You are the salt of the earth. But if the salt loses its saltiness, how can it be made salty again? It is no longer good for anything, except to be thrown out and trampled underfoot.” (Matthew 5:13)

But, salt also makes us thirsty. And, if we are the salt of the earth, then we’re to make non-believers and believers alike thirsty for the Lord. Our life, speech, actions, etc. are supposed to draw people nearer to the Lord. We’re supposed to lure them in so they want to grasp more of Him. We’re supposed to be a beacon that causes others to gravitate toward the Lord.

When we analyze who we are and look at our life, are we seeing where we have the opportunity to make other people thirsty for the Lord? Do we see where we’re utilizing our God-given gifts and talents to make people interested in Him? Do we know how we’re drawing people closer to God? Are we encouraging people to drink Him up?

Jesus calls Himself the living water. We have an incredible opportunity to make people thirsty for this life-sustaining water. Once they take a drink, they’ll be changed forever.

The Lord gives us the ability, as well as the tools, to draw people nearer to Him. This doesn’t necessarily mean that we’re supposed to go door-to-door and evangelize. But, it does mean that we are to build relationships with other people and allow Him to radiate outward beyond us, calling people we love toward Him. It means that we’re supposed to be real and honest about who God is to us and what He’s done in our lives. We’re supposed to captivate people we cherish with our life, our story, our actions and our words.

If we aren’t honest with ourselves and with God, making Him attractive to other people, then the saltiness in us is being lost. We need to evaluate our heart and ask God to help us understand more of Him so we can embrace our relationship with Him. If we’re not drawing others toward the Lord, we aren’t failures, but we need to be honest with ourselves. We don’t need to look for opportunities to make others thirst for God. Rather, these opportunities will naturally come as we deepen our relationship with the Lord. As we become closer to Him and learn about Him more, we’ll naturally share our joy and invigoration to those we desperately care about. We must not strive unnecessarily, but we need to be open, available and accepting of God using us to make others thirsty. We too should be thirsty for more of Him. We should always be drinking from His living water.