Disney Identity

When the Main Character Discovers Who They Are, Their World Changes

I have a goal in life to own every Animated Disney movie. Growing up, I looked forward to the new film release every year. I loved the stories, how they bridged a piece of history, but were still totally relevant to the situations in which I faced in my current life.

disney-princessAs I’ve grown a little older, I’ve realized the same theme resides in pretty much every film. Each has a character who spends the hour-and-a-half timeframe discovering his or her true identity. We watch her deny herself, who she is, her gifts and talents, what she’s capable of, her strength. At some point during her journey she discovers who she really is – what she’s meant to be. It’s when she steps into her true identity that she thrives. In most Disney movies the main character has a loss of identity. But, when she regains her understanding of who she is – it makes all the difference.

We love these films because we can relate entirely. How many of us spend our days and our time denying our identity? At some point, we’ve all denied our strength. We deny what we’re capable of. We deny our gifts and talents. We deny our beauty, wishing we were or had something different. We deny our creator and what we were made to accomplish. We deny who God created us to be, trying to fit into a mold that society has placed before us.

Perhaps, just like the Disney characters, once we step into the reality of our true identity and worth, we’ll thrive. We’ll find success. We’ll find our purpose and our calling. We’ll find where our strength comes from. We’ll understand our beauty and value.

If this is the case, which I truly believe it is, then we should spend our time focusing on our true identity. Learn who God created us to be. Understand who we are as a whole person. It’s when we discover ourselves within God’s plan and accept our role as His beloved daughter that our lives thrive. This doesn’t mean life becomes easy, but it means that life becomes fruitful. It means we make an impact on other people that we didn’t realize we could do. It means we find love in the most obscure places. It means we see beauty through the eye of the beholder. It means we discover what we’re capable of and we know that we can accomplish greatness, through the love, leading and strength of the Lord.

It’s usually through intense hardship or losing absolutely everything she holds dear that helps the Disney character discover her true identity. This can be true for us as well. But, we can learn who God created us to be in a simpler fashion – asking Him. He will tell us and show us who He created us to be. Sometimes it may take us awhile to hear His voice, but with practice, it’ll become clear. On a very basic level, we can take His word seriously and follow the teachings of the Bible. This will help us identify the basic structure and foundation of our life. We can look to our passions, talents and gifts. We can look toward the people we love and who love us in return. We can evaluate the suffering we’re drawn to – what truly breaks our heart. We can analyze our resources, our past, our location and our upbringing. All these elements provide clues toward our true identity and purpose.

God has called each of us to something marvelous, why waste our lives and our time pursuing something other than the best? No matter where we are in our faith journey or who we are on the inside, God is excited to help us discover our identity so we can fully thrive – the way He intends for us to do.