Media Missionary

We see people who travel across the world, taking the gospel to a foreign land where it does not already exist as missionaries. We see ourselves as missionaries when we go on a weeklong mission trip. But, when we work for the Lord, it’s a ministry, not a mission. Why is this the case?

As a missionary, we’re called to show God’s truth in a way that others can understand. For some, it’s speaking through the language and traditions of the foreigners, for others, it’s through telling stories and anecdotes that are relatable to the person being ministered to. But there’s another frontier in our current landscape that could be considered a foreign territory in need of the truth and light of Jesus Christ. It’s an intangible state, made up of On Airpixels and waves of data. The Internet, broadcast media, Social Media and entertainment can now be seen as a way of life, it has become a space where people function, communicate and “live.” Therefore, it has emerged as a place the gospel must be projected, though it’s a place where the gospel isn’t naturally welcome. Just as God calls and anoints people for service in a foreign land, He is calling Media Missionaries to serve in an alien (and sometimes hostile) territory. Media Missionaries must meet people in the midst of their daily activity, opening up an opportunity for God to penetrate deep into their heart a message of hope, love, security and salvation. Once God’s love has been revealed and accepted, the next responsibility is to equip Christians to be able to stand against the enemy’s schemes and attacks, as well as provide support and guidance when those attacks come. At niNe. magazine, we firmly believe we are Media Missionaries and have a calling to fulfill, and we will not back down until Christ tells us it’s time to shut the door.

Camera Man with RainbowAs a Media Missionary, we’re bringing the truth of God and the gospel of Jesus into the airwaves, on to the silver screen and inside the cover. To throw Christian values, teaching and morals into an abstract arena makes the gospel available to those who are thirsty to accept Jesus in a place that is familiar to them. Though it may not be an actual destination, we need to send missionaries into the media field because there are people who interact in this realm almost as much as they do with community on solid earth that need the saving grace of Jesus Christ.

Every article that’s written for niNe. magazine has the potential to bring someone closer to God. Much of our content introduces readers to God’s truth, as well as His beloved son, Jesus. Isn’t this our mission? niNe. is more than an outreach, it’s a force, called by Jesus, to “go and make disciples.” niNe. magazine strives to be a light in the midst of a dark media industry. We’re bringing God’s brilliance and beauty into a world that’s focused in on gossip, brutality, scandal, violence, shame, corruption, etc. What does this make us? Just like so many, we’re entering a place that does not want us. We’re not welcome. We’re misunderstood. Yet, we stand. We stand because Jesus has called us. We stand because you deserve the truth. We stand because the light within niNe. magazine is strong and it reaches the depths of the blackened society. We are on a mission to be Media Missionaries.

So, if you feel called to share the sincerity of our Savior without going to a foreign country, then we applaud you and encourage you to join us in our journey. But just like your mission field doesn’t have to be a third world country, it doesn’t have to be the media industry; it can be your school, your workplace or your own home. Trust that God has called you to “go” and has given you the talents and ability to make an impact for His glory wherever He’s leading you. You may not know a foreign language, you may not know how to use Photoshop or Final Cut Pro, but you do have abilities that are special to you and unique to your mission field.

If you do feel called to the media mission field, we’d love to have you as one of our volunteers. Please connect with me personally so we can begin a conversation about what God is calling you to do and where He is leading you.

Regardless of your situation and your landscape, be the missionary that God has called you to be, and bring light to the darkness that need not exist any longer.

Alone with Your Thoughts

niNe. magazine’s article “Alone with Your Thoughts” was inspired by the following story Brennen Manning’s book “Abba’s Child:”

The story is often told of a man who made an appointment with the famous psychologist Carl Jung to get help for chronic depression. Jung told him to reduce his fourteen-hour work day to eight, go directly home, and spend the evenings in his study, quiet and all alone. The depressed man went to his study each night, shut the door, read a little Herman Hesse or Thomas Mann, played a few Chopin etudes or some Mozart. After weeks of this he returned to Jung complaining that he could see no improvement. On learning how the man had spent his time, Jung said, “But you didn’t understand. I didn’t want you to be with Hesse or Mann or Chopin or Mozart. I wanted you to be completely alone.” The man looked terrified and exclaimed, “I can’t think of any worse company.” Jung replied, “Yet this is the self you inflict on other people fourteen hours a day.”

How can you relate to this story? Do you feel like you don’t always like the person you are? If that’s the case, then how can you blame other people for being moody and irritable around you? You’re just as moody and irritable as they are. Maybe it’s time to evaluate your life wholeheartedly and ask God where He desires change in your life. He created you as a beautiful and magnificent young woman. Are you selling yourself short? Are you giving into notions that aren’t true? Stand firm on the truth, seek God and become the woman you were meant to be.

87618707The only way to pursue the woman God intends for you to be is to spend time with Him. Seek His desires. Learn more about His character and why He created you a certain way. Try to understand the purpose he laid out for your life. Then, you will discover more about who you are and the incredible role you play in this world. Don’t just sit there. Get going! Open up your bible, journal your thoughts, pray… God is ready to walk with you on this journey!

Haste Destroys Relationships

One of my greatest friends and stylist Kim!

One of my greatest friends and stylist Kim!

Haste is the enemy of both love and devotion. We cannot engage in deep, intimate relationships in haste. “Speed Relationships” aren’t plausible. Build a strong foundation that will last takes time, patience and commitment. Love doesn’t happen overnight. To truly love someone, we must get to know him or her deeply. We must be devoted regardless of any flaws. We must accept and cherish that person. Sit down with her, and discover who she is. Over time that person’s likes, dislikes, uniqueness, ideologies and flaws become genuinely beautiful. She becomes intriguing and captivating. There is little allure from knowing someone on the surface, from a distance.

Our relationship with the Lord should be the same. We should be devoted to Him and devote ourselves to growing closer to Him. This can’t be done in haste. We can’t know everything about the Lord overnight. Nor can we know everything about Him without interacting with Him, reading His Word or spending time talking to Him in prayer. This would be like saying our best friend is someone we’re never met. How can someone we’ve never connected with be someone we place in such high regard? We must engage with God daily through prayers, bible study, scripture reading, worship, service, etc. in order to build a relationship with Him.

God already loves us, and has spent all of time doing so. He doesn’t need to sit down to get to know us. He created us and knows us better than we know ourselves. In order for us to have a deep relationship with the Lord, we must put forth the effort. He’s done His part and He’s waiting for us to join Him. He has so much He wants to share with us and He can’t wait until we truly hear it, with an open and loving heart. It’s time to make the effort to learn more about Him so we can love Him more.

Reinvent Themselves

If you check out my blog regularly, then you know that I read a lot of other magazine material as “research.” Some of my friends laugh at the magazines that I choose to research (because the titles and subject matter are rather diverse), others just see it as my job and don’t ask questions.

Woman Reinventing HerselfRecently, I was reading an article all about how these women (20 to 40 years old) were reinventing themselves. Some were going back to school, some were making major career changes, some were deciding to go back to work after caring for their families and some were making sex changes. As I read the magazine article further, I realized that this publication, as well as the majority of the world, applauds these women for reinventing themselves. But, as I read the article, it actually made me rather sad for these individuals. I felt bad that these women felt the need to drastically change their lives or their identities because they weren’t satisfied with their life.

These women were making these changes because they weren’t willing to accept who they are. I’m not talking about accepting what they do for a living or whom they’ve married. Yes, I understand that some people feel stuck in a rut and simply need change to fully blossom, but that’s not the same situation as a full on reinvention. My heart breaks for these women because they’re purpose for reinventing themselves is actually to discover who they truly are, and the only person who can reveal that to anyone is Jesus Christ. Reinventing themselves for the sake of needing change just pulls them further away from Christ. Denying Him more keeps them more distant from their true identity.

God never asks us to reinvent ourselves, but rather, when we embrace a relationship with Him, we have a new birth – the old has gone the new shall come. When we ask Christ into our lives, we don’t reinvent who we are, but rather the shell of our old existence is shed and instead, we reveal the glory of our true identity. This is a magnificent occurrence.

Working with teenagers, I hear about a lot of teens that are reinventing themselves as well. This redesign happens mostly over the summer. Maybe you’ve been in that situation, when you’ve spent the summer trying to figure out who you really are, and returned to school with a different hair color, wardrobe and hobby.

Reinvent HerselfExploring new things to expand your horizon is one thing, but completely reinventing yourself may actually be pulling you further away from your true identity. As you journey through life, journey with God always on the forefront of your mind. You’ll never be dissatisfied with who He’s created you to be. Instead, you’ll be marveled by who you are and what God expects of you. Life with Christ is an adventure; it’s never boring, unless you don’t fully trust Him with your whole self. Seek God daily, and you will never find a need to reinvent yourself. Rather you will find yourself living a full and vibrant life that brings you joy.