BeautySometimes the Lord gives us words of prophecy or knowledge to share with another person in order to encourage them in their daily journey. I felt as if the Lord placed the word “Beauty” on my heart as a word that my followers need to hear. If this word is for you, then I praise the Lord and hope that it penetrates deeply into your heart, helping you see your true beauty. If this word is not for you, then I hope the following paragraphs still impact your heart. Please let me know if this does influence you in any way. I’d love for you to share how God is working in your life.

Beauty is defined not only by the soul, it’s also defined by it’s creator. The make-up you apply, the clothes you wear, the style of your hair all provide insight into the depths of your heart. The way you present your physical self reflects the depths of your character. How you care for yourself represents how you view your worth.

People not only see who you are when they look at your appearance, but they see whose you are. Your creator made you beautiful. No amount of product can hide or distort the beauty in which the Lord instilled deep within you. He makes you beautiful inside and out because you are a reflection of His outstanding beauty. Stand in a mirror and seek that beauty. Don’t deny it, but truly grasp it. See your true beauty, don’t hide it or let it fade. Instead flaunt and embrace it. Understand the significance of your beauty in this world. Yes, your beauty is noteworthy. It always has been, and it always will be.

Walk through life knowing the value of your beauty. As you grow into a stronger, more confident woman, let the beauty of the Lord radiate through you more fully. May the word “Beauty” characterizes the woman God created you to become. Remind yourself daily of the beautiful path He has laid before you.


LoveSometimes the Lord speaks to us by giving a personal revelation. I felt as if the Lord placed the word “Beloved” on my heart as a word that my readers/followers need to hear.

You are a beloved daughter of God. He loves you entirely – even when you struggle to love yourself. He created you as a beautiful young woman, His daughter, His bride. Don’t hide or change who you are to find love. He made you for His love and the love of people He’s chosen for you. Accept God’s love and look for love in Him and through Him. God is love, and you are His.

Love is so much more than anything we can grasp as humans, and you deserve great love. Don’t allow yourself to define love as something it’s not. Love is too sacred to deprecate. Love is one of the most beautiful and precious sensations that exist. God designed and defines love, and it’s His desire to share love with you. God wants to show you the depths of His heart. Open your heart to Him so He can reveal Himself to you. Your ability to accept the love that God has for you reflects how you view your own value. You are worthy; God makes you worthy. See yourself through His eyes. Be loved and revel in that love – for it is glorious and inviting.

God’s love shines through His presence and character. But, it also reveals itself through the love of family, the compassion of friends, the respect of a boyfriend, the companionship of fellow Christians, the steadiness of the sunrise and seasons, the sacrifice of God’s son. God’s love is everywhere; experience it and soak it up.

As you walk through life, I pray that you know the value of God’s love. As you grow into a stronger, more beautiful woman, may the love of your Lord radiate through your every action, word and deed. I pray that the word “Beloved” characterizes the woman God created you to become, and that you are reminded daily of the lovely path He has set before you.

You are Accepted By God

AcceptedI really sensed that the Lord placed the word “Accepted” on my heart as a word that you need to hear. So may of us walk through life feeling pushed aside or let down. So, I pray that the word Accepted resonates with you as you journey closer to the Lord.

Accepting who you are is one of life’s greatest challenges, but believing others accept you is sometimes even more difficult. When you see the world as a desolate place, trust that the Lord has placed people in your life who’ll accept you no matter what circumstance may come your way. Some person will always accept you for your uniqueness, your beauty, your strength, your talent and your character.

But, the Lord, your God, created this unique and beautiful character, so He will always choose to accept every part of you even the parts that you think are unacceptable. Trust in His acceptance whole-heartedly. Only in realizing God’s acceptance for you can you accept who you truly are. God made you into existence, He resides within you and He crafts the meaning of being accepted. You’re His beloved daughter and He is your Saving Grace. Nothing can keep Him from delighting in you.

If you learn to believe that God accepts you, then others will notice a confidence instilled in you that’ll draw them closer. They’ll gravitate toward you because you’ll be a person of great admiration. There is no need to change or alter who you are in order to gain acceptance from other people because God accepts you just as you are. Rather than focusing on the acceptance of others, focus on who God is creating you to be. He has a plan for you. He wants you to accept the call He has for your life. He desires for you to accept Him and to pursue the desire He has for you.

Accept Christ into your life and know that His salvation is the greatest gift in acceptance. Jesus gave His life for you, even though you may not deserve His sacrifice. He took on the most unacceptable parts of your life, the elements that separate you from Him and carried them on the cross. By taking on your sins as His own, He bridged the gap that existed between you and the almighty God. He forgave your sins and cleared you of all wrong doings so you could be with Him forever. Then, He gave you His Spirit to live with you daily – to give you strength, to encourage you and to lift you up. If you can’t accept what the Lord did for you and if you can’t accept that He knows you’re worthy of such sacrifice, then your heart is spoiled by lies and deceit. Look for the truth and discover the deepest healing possible when you believe that Jesus is Lord.

As you walk through life, I pray that you know the value of being fully accepted by God. As you grow into a stronger and more confident woman, may God’s acceptance radiate through your every word, action and deed. I pray that this word “Accepted” characterizes the woman God created you to become and that you accept daily the path He has laid before you.

Spending 5 Minutes with God… Daily

New Year ClockniNe. magazine’s January/February issue is all about taking time for yourself. We pray that the beginning of the year marks a time in your life where you will make taking care of yourself a priority. Caring for yourself is not only essential for doing well in life and caring for others, but it is essential for discovering who you are and learning more about God’s abundant love for you. So, don’t put it off, read some of the following articles and refocus YOUR life.

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Alone with Your Thoughts

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In the article “Alone with your thoughts” we encourage readers to take at least 5 minutes once a week to spend in quiet solitude, but I’d like to encourage you to take it a step further. If you’re willing to follow the plan below, you’ll be spending 5 minutes in quiet solitude daily as you reach the halfway mark of the 2016 year! Think of all the benefits you’ll gain by taking care of yourself and spending some intentional time with God.

Week 1 (January 3-9): Spend 5 minutes with God.

Week 2 (January 10-16): Spend 5 minutes with God.

Week 3 (January 17-23): Spend 5 minutes with God two times this week.

Week 4 (January 24-30): Spend 5 minutes with God twice this week.

Week 5 (January 31-February 6): Spend 5 minutes with God three times this week.

Week 6 (February 7-13): Block out 15 minutes to spend with God all at once.

Week 7 (February 14-20): Spend 5 minutes with God four times this week.

Week 8 (February 21-27): Spend 15 minutes with God once this week.

Week 9 (February 28-March 5): Spend 5 minutes with God four times this week.

Week 10 (March 6-12): Spend 5 minutes with God five times this week.

Week 11 (March 13-19): Spend 5 minutes with God five times this week.

Week 12 (March 20-26): Spend 5 minutes with God six times this week.

Week 13 (March 27 – April 2): Spend a half-hour with God once this week.

Week 14 (April 3-9): Spend 5 minutes with God six times this week.

Week 15 (April 10-16): Spend a half-hour with God once this week.

Week 16 ( April 17-23): Spend 5 minutes with God six times this week.

Week 17 (April 24-30): Spend a half-hour with God once this week.

Week 18 (Mary 1-7): Spend 5 minutes with God six times this week.

Week 19 (May 8-14): Spend a full hour with God once this week.

Week 20 (May 15-21): Spend 5 minutes with God every day.

Week 21 (May 22-28): Spend a full hour with God once this week.

Week 22 (May 29-June 4): Spend 5 minutes with God every day.

Week 23 (June 5-11): Spend 5 minutes with God every day.

Week 24 (June 12-18): Spend 5 minutes with God every day.

Week 25 (June 19-25): Spend 5 minutes with God every day.

Week 26 (June 26-July2): Spend 5 minutes with God every day. By now, you should have established a pretty solid habit, so keep it up and enjoy the second half of a blessed and beautiful year!

Let me know if this plan worked for you! I’d love to hear how your time with God is going.

God’s Goals

What You Can Look Forward to From niNe. magazine

I was enjoying a weekend away with a friend of mine who was telling me all the goals she accomplished this past year and the goals she was planning for the upcoming year. She asked me what goals I had in my life. Then, a week later, my dad asked me what goals I had set for the New Year. And, to top it all off, a business mentor inquired the same thing. Wow, three influential people in my life asking the same question – it’s hard to ignore that!

This time of year is typically flooded with ideas of New Years Resolutions and getting our lives “back in order” again. But, hearing the barrage of the same question over and over made me realize that I had given up on goals. They never seemed to work out for me. I always had to rely on other undependable people, or would set goals that were unrealistic and too big. Sometimes I’d even set a goal just for the sake of setting a goal and wouldn’t feel driven to pursue the outcome. But, during this season, I really felt like God was asking me to strive for some goals.
Upon spending time with God and seeking His outlook on goal setting, I realized that I had been floating through life aimlessly. I wasn’t pushing in the areas in which God wanted me to really push, and I was forcing things to happen that He didn’t think were as relevant and I did. So, I asked God what He wanted me to pursue with Him this upcoming year.

Co-Laborer GoalsI am a co-laborer with Christ. He has a plan and He wants me to be a part of it. He will use me and whatever I do regardless of where I am mentally, but I will be more effective if I am on the same page as Him and pursuing the goals He desires for me to follow.

When I finally sat down and asked God what goals He wanted me to achieve, I was actually surprised by His answer. Some goals were so obvious and easy, others were ones that I had already been working toward and didn’t even know it, and then there were a few goals that shocked me! They are pretty massive goals – ones that I didn’t know how they were going to come together. But, I am going to pursue them because I trust that God has a reason for me to move in that direction. Even if those huge goals don’t come to be, I know God is going to reveal something great through the process.

Now that I have a mindset focused on God’s goals, He reveals new ideas to me every day. He shows me the next step for a variety of my goals. He shows me new goals. He shows me that I’ve accomplished a particular goal even when I didn’t think I had really reached the end. And, He’s shown me when to step back or when to dig in more. When my mind and heart are zeroed in on Him, He is more readily able to communicate with me and inform me of His desires for the ministry and me.

BIG ideasSo, what are some of the goals that God has set before me for niNe. magazine? First, improve our marketing and outreach via multiple avenues. Second, redesign our homepage (which you can be on the lookout for later this year). Third, prepare a flipbook for launch in 2018.

Goals have their place in life. Sometimes they’re overrated, but sometimes they are effective. But, in order for them to be successful our intentions and motivation behind the goal must be pure and focused on God. When determining these goals, I had to look to the future of niNe. magazine and where God sees us, not where I see myself.

As always, I’d love to hear from me. What goals do you feel like God is leading you toward this year? I’ll pray for your goals if you’re willing to pray for mine!