Meeting God for Coffee

Coffee MugNearly every day for ten years I’ve met God for breakfast. I wake up, get myself ready (shower, dressed, hair and make-up) then I come downstairs and pour myself a cup of coffee and sit down with my bible over breakfast. Often on the weekends, I’ll enjoy a cup of Joe in the afternoon while journaling, reading a devotional or doing a bible study. A lot of my friends and family make fun of me and state that I’m addicted to my coffee, but I’ve discovered that coffee is my meeting place with God.

We go out to coffee with our girlfriends, we hang out with our family at the local ice cream parlor and we go to dinner for a date with our boyfriend. Why can’t we do the same with God? I meet God for breakfast, I have lunch with my friends and I eat dinner with my family. Meals are a time to meet and gather, so why not designate a time to meet and gather with the Lord? I love connecting with Him for breakfast because I’m fresh and the day is new. I enjoy connecting with Him over a cup of coffee because coffee warms and invigorates me. Find your own ways to connect with the Lord and savor that time. Don’t let other people butt in; this is your time with God. It’s sacred. It’s special. It’s endearing.

We often think we need to create a sacred space to meet God. A church sanctuary is a designated sacred space, or we feel the need to convert an area of our house to our own little resting place. There’s nothing wrong with that, in fact, I encourage it myself. But, what if we have a sacred time with God too? Maybe it’s while we’re still curled up in bed before the day begins. Maybe it’s as we head to school or practice. Maybe it’s a weekly time set aside for journaling or bible study. Our time is invaluable, so set aside a moment and ask God to enter into that time and make it holy. Revering God with our time will allow Him to bless it!

As I mentioned at the beginning, I started meeting the Lord over breakfast ten years ago. It wasn’t an intentional habit; it was just a time that worked for me. Now ten years later, I find that I miss that breakfast with God if something else pulls me away from that time. And, any cup of coffee is a meeting time with God. It’s great to go out to coffee with a friend or loved one and bring God along. Or, it’s awesome to give myself a little pick-me-up, but meet God in that moment as well. Plus, it’s wonderful to start my morning with a welcome committee. He has made my intention turn into a habit, which has turned into an incredible blessing. I pray that you intentionally find a time to spend with the Lord, or a little indulgence that God can use as a way to bring you closer to Him every day. Maybe it’s a meal, maybe it’s a piece of chocolate, a soda or a salad. Enjoy what ever you make as your “breakfast” with the Lord and let me know how it goes!