Embarrassed to Evangelize?

It can sometimes seem embarrassing to evangelize, to tell your friends and loved ones about Jesus. Church often seems so “uncool.” Following the lifestyle that the Lord desires for us is far from popular. But, God has called us to tell others about His love and what He’s doing in our lives. So, how do we do that while still maintaining a favorable reputation?

Bethel Music Live Event

Bethel Music Live Event for Album We Will Not Be Shaken

Look at your favorite Christian rock band. Use them as your inspiration. Here’s a group of people that you admire who tell their family, friends and complete strangers about the Lord every day! That is what they do for a living. They tell others about Christ in their lyrics and during concerts, but they also speak of His glory throughout their day. They face the same struggles when it comes to sharing about Christ: maintaining a solid reputation, knowing enough about the Lord to speak of Him accurately and effectively, living a life that’s reflective of who God is. It’s hard to do these things but many Christian band members are upfront and honest about how they’ve learned to embrace God’s call to speak His truth to others. Learn from their lessons and experiences. They’ve maintained their reputation and, in many cases, have become even more appealing because of their faith. They don’t know everything about the bible, but they share what is on their heart. They live a strenuous life of travel and recording, which is why they’re learning to daily rely on God. None of them are perfect, but they’re all great models to look up to.

Christian bands give you an incredible resource to use when connecting with someone about Christ. Talk about some of the band’s song lyrics when you’re telling someone about Jesus. Tell them why the lyrics are relevant to their life, or tell them what the lyrics mean to you. Use their song lyrics as inspiration to share your heart, struggles and feelings with someone you care for.

Start by introducing a friend or loved one to a Christian band or singer and see where it leads. Trust that God will utilize this opportunity to make a connection. He knows how deeply you want them to find Him and how valuable their life is.

Tell me whose music has been the most effective. What band lyrics do you like to share with your friends the most when speaking of the love of Jesus? I’d like to encourage other readers, as well as the bands themselves with your suggestions.

Romantic Lessons

By Guest Writer/niNe. magazine Speaker Alicia Hayes:

BoyfriendOne more week until Valentine’s Day! Roses are being sold at corners, chocolate bombards you at the store and dinner reservations are being made. Chances are, at this time of year you’re thinking about the love you have in your life, and for some of you, that may be your boyfriend. Romantic relationships can be an exciting aspect of your teenage years.

Especially around this time of year people love to circulate stories of married couples who were high school sweethearts and stood the test of time. While that is sweet and does happen, there are other lessons that you learn from having a boyfriend that are less long-term. Here are three things you can learn from being in a romantic relationship:

Healthy Communication

Being in a relationship teaches you healthy ways of communicating. Differences in opinion, misunderstandings, and bad days are all bound to happen. Learning how to work through fights and hard times is pivotal to all relationships in your life. Romantic relationships also teach you what is kind, positive communication and what’s not. For instance, if you look at your phone and all of your texts, snapchats, and Facetime calls are just your boyfriend, that’s not a good sign. On the other hand, if you look at your phone and the last time you heard from your boyfriend was a text five days ago, that’s not a good sign either. Relationships require effort, but it’s also important to give the other person space. Learning how to communicate is important in a relationship.

Beyond Physicality

One of the most enticing, exciting aspects of a relationship is physical attraction. The fact that you’re attracted to someone, that he is attracted to you as well, and you can express that attraction is rightly exciting. However, there’s more to a relationship than just attraction. Really learning about that person and spending time with him teaches you to see past the physical exterior. Sometimes you sadly find out that while he’s really cute, he’s shallow and unkind. Sometimes you happily find that he is just as great on the inside as he looks on the outside.

Balancing Relationships

Being in a romantic relationship requires a lot of attention. However, your friends, family, and mentors require attention, and you don’t want to ditch them for your boyfriend. Making time for people and maintaining those connections is a skill you will always be utilizing later in life, so start practicing now.

There’s a lot to learn in a romantic relationship. They teach you to see beyond yourself, really learn about people, communication skills, and much more. If you want to share what you have learned from your romantic relationship, tweet to us @niNeMag with your story! We would love to hear from you!