Must Be In the Music

NMI_2010_FashionYear_00929AHave you ever been walking down the street, driving in the car or studying for a test and a song comes on that captures your attention? It’s your favorite song, the beat grabs you and you can’t help but sing along, dance or beat out the rhythm. Maybe the song has such a grip on you that you can’t do anything but focus on that song.

This happens to me all the time. I’ll be going about my business, focusing on my day, when a song comes through my playlist that snatches my attention. I forget about what I was doing and start singing, dancing and drumming to the song. Often the song is so powerful that I fall silent and just focus on the meaning, the substance and the beauty.

I have a feeling that heaven will be like this:

  • We’ll be engrossed by the environment around us.
  • We’ll be encompassed by the beauty of God’s love and presence.
  • We’ll be overwhelmed by the content in which we’re surrounded.

Our senses will be encircled by majesty so great that we’ll stand in stillness simply to listen and observe. We won’t be able to focus on anything other than the glory of God. We will only see His wonder and grace. We’ll be in love with loving Him and warmed by His loving embrace. Heaven will completely overwhelm us and draw us close to God’s greatness.

When a song comes to you that pulls you away from all else in your world, I pray that it pulls you closer to the Lord and gives you a glimpse of what being in paradise will be like forever. There is too much beauty here on earth to ignore it and walk by without a glimpse. Let it capture your heart and draw you nearer to the Creator.

9 Guarantees for the New Year

If you’re a disciple of Christ and seek to obey and follow Him, then there are 9 things that I can guarantee will occur during the 2015 New Year:

1.)  You will grow closer to God through time spent in His word, prayer and fellowship. He will nourish your soul because of this time you’ve set aside for Him.

2.)  God will reveal to you how much He loves you, cares about you and provides for you.

3.)  Your heart will become more able to love others, whether they love you back or not.

4.)  God will bring you comfort when you’re hurting. You will discover answers to your prayers.

5.)  God will use you to minister to the life of at least one other person. You’ll serve and give back to the Lord, just has He has done for you.

6.)  The Lord will speak beautiful and intimate truths into your life, which you will cherish.

7.)  You will face hardship, but the Lord will give you strength to overcome. He will be there to guide you through every circumstance and situation.

8.)  He will forgive you for all your sins.

9.)  You will experience the presence of the Lord.

God’s blessings to you in the New Year, from all of us at Nine Media, niNe. magazine and Nine Ministry.