Physical Beauty is Important

NMI_2010_FashionYear_00035AThe capital “N” in the middle of niNe. magazine’s title denotes the importance of inner beauty. We made this artistic approach as a symbol of how we want to present the significance of inner beauty to our readers. As I describe the meaning of the placement of the capital letter I often forget to speak of our intention behind external beauty. We do focus on external beauty. We don’t ignore it or see it as less relevant. In fact, we have an entire section about fashion alone, as well as another entire section on physical health and beauty.

We do, however, want to distinguish ourselves from many of the other media outlets that ONLY focus on external beauty and ignore the value of beauty within. We emphasize internal beauty and believe that it’s what radiates outward, making us physically beautiful. We want to encourage our readers to care for their physical wellbeing. And, we want our audience to know that their outer beauty heavily weights on their spiritual, emotional and mental stamina as well. Even though our character and personality determines how beautiful we are on the outside, we must be willing and able to care for our physical body, nurture our physical appearance and express whom we are as a whole via fashion, make-up, and other forms of expression. We must care for our bodies and accept our physical beauty.

To be a well being, we must care for our overall wellbeing. This means physical beauty is important. 1 Corinthians 6:19-20 talks about our bodies being a temple of the Holy Spirit. That means we must care for our physical self in order to appropriately house the Spirit of the Lord. If the Lord trusts in us enough to place His Spirit within our physical self, then we must understand how important our body is. If it’s important to God, then it should be important to us.

To another point, God would not place His Spirit within us if we were not physically beautiful. God would not set Himself in something ugly. We are physically attractive, and that is why God created us to hold His spiritual being. We were made in the image of God and He crafted us with precision. God sees our beauty, we must see our own!

Psalm 90:10 says that “our days may come to seventy years, or eighty, if our strength endures.” This scripture means that our strength (physical wellness) influences the length of our lives. If we care for our bodies, we will live longer. What we put into our bodies will impact the span of our lives. When we eat well and care for our bodies on the inside, our external body reflects how we nurture it (for example, our skin, hair and nails look better when we eat healthy). Physical fitness and exercise give us the physical strength we need as well to live a long life, so keeping in good physical shape is important and relevant to God.

Scripture also speaks of our physical bodies being influenced by how we live our lives. Though taking care of our physical body is important, caring for our spiritual wellbeing is even more important. For some of us, those two elements go hand in hand. For others, having a healthy physical body opens us up to being able to focus on the Lord. It’s important to find balance. We must not solely focus on our physical appearance, but we do need to realize its relevance for maintaining a strong relationship with the Lord.