Pain Reliever

Prescribe to God’s Plan

We’ve been deceived. The world can’t provide us with a plausible solution to finding happiness. We have one end of the spectrum with advertisers, retailers and media telling us that stuff solves our problems, things bring us happiness and wealth is our ultimate goal. Then, on the other side, we have “Spiritual” people telling us that pain comes from relating to people and things and the only way to rid our pain is to free ourselves from commitment.

We don’t need stuff to solve our problems. Deep down, we know this truth. But, we keep falling into this trap, believing that if we have the right look or coolest item, life will be so much easier. Certain items do make life easier, or they help us express our unique character and personality, bringing us comfort as we go about our day. Materialism and consumerism run rampant in our lives. As American’s, we buy “stuff” in hopes that it will eliminate much of the emptiness we experience. But, how many times have we impulsively purchased an item with later regrets? Or, how often do we find that we didn’t need it as much as we thought and quickly became bored with the item?

Our society tears each other down a lot. We feel the need to look, act or be a certain way because of media, friends, even family. So, the idea of being attached to nothing seems appealing – allowing us to be free from the burdens others place upon us. If we really didn’t have a connection to any items though, we would have nothing and would find ourselves wandering on the streets with empty hands and pockets (if we even had pockets!) Plus, if we eliminated everything from our lives, we wouldn’t have relationships at all. Our life would be stripped of all things worthy of our love.

So, neither side of the spectrum is good, but it’s safe to say that pain does come when we attempt to develop relationships (with people or with items) that are unnecessary, unhealthy and unreliable. God has intentions for the relief of pain and the acceptance of love that are way beyond anything we could anticipate.

Red Headed Melinda Laging looking toward the heavensGod says that relief comes from a relationship with HIM. So, when you’re feeling pain because of your surroundings, the people around you, or not feeling good enough according to the standards of society, then spend some time connecting to God and building your relationship with Him. He’s the only one that can comfort your need and eliminate the inadequacy that you feel in your life.

Tell Him How You Feel.

Speak to Him in prayer, tell Him through a journal entry or praise Him through worship. These are all ways you can express your pain and frustration to the Lord. Confess to Him what you’re struggling with. Be open and honest. He already knows your heart, but by taking the time to communicate it to Him, you’ll lift it off your chest.

Let Him Tell You What He Thinks of You.

Read what He says about you by investigating His scriptures. God’s word is full of verses about His love for us, as well as our unique and exquisite beauty. Sit quietly in stillness and listen to what He wants to tell you.

Gain Some Perspective.

Let this be a time where God can renew your heart, open your mind and help you see the world through His eyes. The world includes your place in it, so take some time to volunteer so God can show you how important you are to His larger plan. If you’re someone who already serves on a regular basis, then step outside your normal routine by fasting.

Spend Time in Community.

God created us to be drawn to community where we find compassion and love, which can heal the broken hearted. Head to church, go to youth group, hang out with people who do lift you up, encourage you and help you see the beauty that resides within. If God instills in you the desire to share your hurt, then express it openly. If you just need time around the loving warmth of others, then don’t feel like you need to speak a word.

Take a Break.

Utilize a Sabbath, whether it’s all day Sunday or an hour every evening before you do your homework. Taking a break to rest will rejuvenate your spirit and help you focus on what’s important and relevant in life.