Fashionable Woman Standing Near Alfred Hitchcock PaintingThink of the most creative thing you’ve ever made. Now, recall how much time you spent working on that project. If you’re the creative type, then you probably invested countless hours until it was just right. If you’re not the creative type, then you probably spent a lot of time working on it to the best of your ability. Either way, this project is significant. Step back and take a look at it, really look at it! It’s beautiful, isn’t it! You love it, your friends think it’s awesome and your parents are proud of you and your work.

If you evaluate the time it took to create your most prized piece of work, imagine how long it took God to create you. He thought about you. Planned you. Sketched you out in His mind. He mapped out your life, your ancestors, your legacy. He didn’t just poke around in the dirt and call you “good enough.” He INVESTED in you, way before you even physically existed.

So, take a look at yourself. You were fashioned by a very dedicated creator. He spent countless hours crafting you specifically in the form you occupy. Your nose is exactly how He wanted it, your laugh is precisely the right pitch, your interests are an absolute match to your exquisite character. There is no mistake, there was no second-guessing, there will be no need to change who you are.

Beautiful Red HeadThink of where you came from. What inspired God to create you? What was the muse for His craftiness? Why did He find it significant to make you? You are just as important as everyone else in this world, yet you are completely unique – there is not a single person who shares your exact DNA! God is so concerned with His creativity that He shaped you for a particular purpose, one that no one else can master.

Total up all the creativity in the world. Comprehend all the art, the talent and expression that exists. It’s impossible isn’t it! There is no way we could collect all the music, sculpture, paintings, photography, acting, dance, film, sketch, etc. into one location. We couldn’t even bring together all the people who design, draft, collaborate, engineer or problem solve these masterpieces. There’s an abundance of creativity.

Art is more than just a form of expression; it’s an image of our Lord. God instills creativity. He inspires, moves and makes it come to be. All human creativity is rooted in God. It comes from deep within us. It’s a reflection of our Maker.