Mixed Up Media

NMI_2010_FashionYear_00988AIn my journalism classes during college, we learned the importance of telling the truth, shining the light on situations and presenting forthcoming trends and ideas. This is what our media is supposed to do. And, to an extent it accomplishes what it’s been tasked. But, our media has become too intrusive and prevalent for us to do our part. We’ve become bombarded by so much information that we’re unable to process the content that’s thrown our way. Due to the overwhelming nature of our current media, we don’t take the time to analyze how it impacts us, what we think about the information presented and how we feel about the pending trends.

The responsibility of the media is to provide information that we’re supposed to analyze, examine and investigate. The media is supposed to present concepts that help us grow into more effective and informed citizens. The media isn’t supposed to be something that we absorb without any analysis or consideration. With the frequency of media, we’ve stopped evaluating. Instead, we’ve begun to accept media as the way things are. This is not true. Media is not a reflection of reality. It’s simply a presentation of conflicts within our society that are worthy of our attention.

Rather than accepting the media for face value and taking it in as is, we must take time to analyze, evaluate and dissect what the media is telling us. We’re doing a disservice to our community, our society, God and ourselves when we don’t evaluate the information that’s given to us through the media stream. If we just soak it in without trying to connect to something greater, then we’re not holding the media up to it’s intended standards, nor are we gaining any of the benefit provided by the media.

Media has a huge responsibility and significant value can be gained through the media when this responsibility is fulfilled. In order for the media to reach its value, we must analyze its outcome. We must tune in to what aligns with our values, let go of what pulls us away from reality and seek valid information that helps us become more aware of the person God designed us to be.

It’s not your responsibility to change the media (unless you work in the industry), but it is your responsibility to utilize the media for your benefit. If it’s not beneficial to you, then it has no place in your life. Currently, the media is failing you; do not allow the media to let you fail yourself. When you start pursuing favorable media then change will follow. You’ll see, experience and consume media in its purest form.