Adventure Awaits

Woman Rock ClimbingSo, I’m standing here, well more like barely hanging on… literally. I have my right foot wedged in a foothold, my left foot pressing into a thin crack in the rock, my right hand pushing against a crevice on the cliff and my left hand it searching. It’s reaching for a place to get a solid grip so I can pull myself up closer to the top of this cliff that I am climbing. My body is shaking, and I feel like I’m ready to give up and give into the rope and let it lower me down. Instead, I holler down to the person belaying me, asking them if they can guide my hand to a good hold. We diligently communicate, I find my hold, pull myself up, grip-by-grip I climb to the top! What a thrill! The view is amazing; the feeling of accomplishment is invigorating.

There are people who jump out of planes, bungee jump, rock climb, cliff dive and scour the world for their next adventure, their next adrenaline rush. They jump from one adventure to the next, no questions asked, no concerns considered, nothing holding them back. Some seek adventure while others arrive at an opportunity for adventure because God calls them to that place. Adventure can be a thrill or a nightmare. But, when God is with us in the adventure, He will bring us peace, comfort and strength to endure. He wants us to experience a sense of accomplishment as we reflect on how He uses and grows us in that adventure.

Sea StormThere’s this huge storm, and a group of men hunkered down in a boat trying their best to protect themselves. Then, all of a sudden they see this white, almost glowing, blur off in the distance. Fear overcomes them; they are stopped dead in their tracks. Have they died? Did the storm destroy them? The blur gets closer and closer, they can’t help but stare straight at it. It moves as if it has no shape, darkness surrounds it, but it radiates so brilliantly that the men yearn to know what it is. “It’s a ghost,” one of them claimed. Then, the blur becomes clear, crystal. The Christ answers, “Take courage! It is I.”

“Lord, if it is you, tell me to come to you on the water,” Peter replied.

Jesus answers, “Come.”

The next thing we know, Peter is walking with Jesus on the water. Now, that is an adventure! See, Peter didn’t say, “Alright Jesus, let me put this life vest on, or test the water by throwing a rock overboard to see if it floats or sinks.” No, Peter trusted. He had faith and he obeyed.

As Christians, shouldn’t our faith be an adventure? Shouldn’t we be stepping into the unknown, giving up our safety nets and following Christ to whatever journey He has in store for us? Why is it that we’re willing to rely only on a rope to pull us back up to the bridge that we’ve just jumped off, but we don’t even trust God to give us a rope? Our faith journey should be one thrill after another. But, we should be open to the opportunities in which God calls us with open minds, arms and hearts knowing that the end result will be amazing.

Instead of pursuing the adventure that God intends in our faith, many of us have become complacent. We’ve settled into a comfortable faith, one that meets our needs. What would it take to get you to climb a cliff or to jump out of a plane for God? Is He asking you to be kind to someone at school that might totally ruin your reputation? Is God asking you to say, “No” to your boyfriend who is pressuring you into sex because “everyone else is doing it?” Is He asking you to give up your shopping money to give it to the local animal shelter? Is God asking you to give up your meal to feed a homeless woman raising two children? Are these questions too minimal and boring because God is asking you to do something even more amazing! What adventure does God want to take you on and are you willing to take the leap, in faith, knowing that God is and always will be with you on your faith adventure?