Lord at Birth: A Great Purpose

Jesus' Birth, Manger SceneLike many American’s, I spent my Christmas Eve at a candle light service watching a tiny flame light up the space around me while I sang the popular, yet poignant, song “Silent Night.” I always center my mind on the words that I sing to help prepare my heart for the upcoming celebration of the birth of Jesus. The same melody passes through my thoughts with joy overflowing my heart as I contemplate the majesty of that event. But, for some reason, this year four specific words penetrated deeply into my heart in an unexpected way.

The end of the second stanza notes, “Jesus, Lord at thy birth. Jesus, Lord at thy birth.” It dawned on me, Jesus was Lord from the very first day of His life. We may think of this regularly, but we hardly contemplate how that impacts us on a human level. Jesus’ purpose was to be our Lord. He had that purpose placed upon Him from the very moment He entered this world.

Christ came to earth for many reasons. One reason was to understand us as humans and to live a fully human life. So, if Christ is human, like us, then as the song claims, we too have a purpose. But, take it a step further. Not only do we have a purpose for our lives, but as the song says, we have a purpose from BIRTH. God planned our purpose in life before we were born. He contemplated our purpose from the beginning of time.

We often get lost in obeying God’s commands and struggling to understand grace that we tend to overlook the possibility that we too might have purpose. We all have a desire to be “somebody,” to do something big, to be important, valued, effective. These desires don’t come from too much media influence, instead they are instilled deep within us from a loving and compassionate God.

So, on those days when you feel like you don’t matter, like your life is meaningless, pointless and you’re feeling lost – remember that God has a purpose for you. He has set a plan for your life before you were even born. Maybe you haven’t found it yet, maybe you lost it, maybe you’re feeling confused or frustrated. Maybe you had great hopes of what that purpose may be, but now you feel like a dejected failure. Don’t give up, hold on to that hope and stand firm in the truth that God has something planned for your life and He is directing you to it even now.

You may already be walking in that path. Maybe you’re fully aware of your purpose, maybe you’re just building the foundation and still trying to discover where you are and who you are. Keep your sight on God. He is the giver of your purpose. Reveal your desires to Him and He will continue to guide you.

AA034600You are living your purpose now, even if you don’t feel like it. Even when you feel like your life is insignificant, know that you still have purpose. Your purpose may involve being a light to another person – a friend, teacher, coach. Your purpose may be to be the daughter of a loving mom or dad. Your purpose may be to act as a strong tower of faith. You certainly have purpose. That purpose may evolve over time, but God is always leading you toward something remarkable.

Regardless of whether your purpose is big or small, you were made to live and seek God with all your heart. Go out and fulfill that purpose today and every day.