Now and Forever

niNe. magazine and other mediaDuring my days working in retail sales I was having a conversation with a co-worker who was inquiring of why I took my faith so seriously. She mentioned how she hoped her future husband would be a “church-goer” and that she would start going back to church once she met this man. I asked, “Why not go now?” Mentioning how it would help her prepare for that future man. She had nothing to say in response.

A lot of people feel like that: we’ll go to church later in life when we’re more important. Or, we feel like people will pay attention to us when we have a college degree and the perfect career. Maybe we believe that we’ll have significance when someone has fallen in love with us and we can start a family. But, why wait for all that to happen to pursue purpose in life? Why wait to be the person we want to be? Be that person now

I am “Melinda Marie,” I have always been Melinda Marie; from the day I was born to the day I drafted this post. I will be Melinda Marie when I’m married and have kids. I will be Melinda Marie when my kids marry and have children of their own. I will be Melinda Marie when I retire and when I die. I do not change the person I am, so I don’t need to wait to become someone or something else to fully live life.

God has a purpose for me now, no matter what stage of life I’m in. In fact, our purpose is HUGE. It isn’t a tiny, minuscule purpose. Even if we feel like all we do is go to school, play sports and do homework, we still have a significant purpose in our lives and we should carry that purpose out. If we don’t, then who will?

We have to believe that we are worthy of a purpose (no matter what stage of life we are in). We have to understand that God desires something significant for our lives. Unless we come to know that truth, we won’t be able to live out our purpose. Once we’ve established this realization, we must recognize that God is the central part of that purpose. Apart from Him, we have no purpose. Apart from Him, we’ll be roaming around aimlessly. We must focus on the things we find interesting, quit wasting our time with things that pull us away from God, we find boring or lifeless (unless it’s school – a lot of our purpose is derived from the atmosphere and experience gained in and around the classroom.)

Listen to God’s calling and nudges. Draw near to God and He will draw near to you (James 4:8). He will speak directly to each of us – through other people, through scripture, during times of prayer. These promptings are essential to discovering God’s purpose for our lives. Know that we’re dear enough for Him to speak directly to us. He has a lot to say to us, no matter who we are. His words are full of compassion, care and love.

Founder of niNe. magazine in media storeEven when we don’t feel like we have a current purpose, if we don’t keep ourselves in tune with God, then we won’t be ready for what He has in store for us when the time comes. We must build the foundation, which may be our current purpose for where we are at in life right now. When I was in high school, little did I know that God was establishing the groundwork for a media company. He was building this opportunity in me through the support and care of my parents and siblings. He was establishing this calling through my friends and loved ones. He was crafting me by placing me in certain classes with particular teachers and students because of the impact He knew I would make on the lives of others then and now.

We are young, and even though it seems like we have a lifetime ahead of us to pursue our purpose, God knows the number of days we have to live. Why not start living now? Let’s not wait to pursue Him and His purpose for us! Now is the time to grow and pursue a God that loves us. Then, when we’re at the stage of life when we believe we can start finally living, we’ll look back and see that we’ve already accomplished a great amount and that God has been walking beside us, working in us, using us in significant ways along the path, during the entire journey. We’ll see that we’re essential to His plan: Now and Forever.