What Does How You Flirt Say About You?

We just posted a quiz on niNe. magazine that affirms the way you most feel comfortable flirting. How we communicate with people of the opposite sex speaks a lot about our identity. It’s also an important element of what we learn during our teen years.

Our quiz may help readers realize what they expect of the opposite sex when it comes to flirting, but more so it helps them understand why they feel certain approaches are best. But, it doesn’t distinguish the most effective way to flirt.

There’s no right way or wrong way to flirt. That’s the point of our quiz. The way you communicate with everyone, including gentlemen, reveals a little bit about who you are. So, look at what your flirting style says about your personality and be proud of the person you are. Don’t try to be more aggressive if that doesn’t suit your personality. Don’t sky away from connecting with an interesting guy if you’re bold, brave and outgoing. Let who you are be consistent in all aspects of your life, especially when building or developing relationships with boys.

If you’re confident in who you are, let that shine through in your actions toward others – all others! Especially guys. They love it when you know who you are and stand firm in that confidence. The number one thing we hear over and over again from guys on what they’re attracted to in a woman is her confidence and ability to stand firm in her knowledge of her own self.

Beware, the way you flirt with guys is going to drive other girls crazy. That’s okay. You’re not flirting to attract other girls. You’re flirting to learn more about a guy and by doing so, if your intentions are pure, you will learn more about the God who created you and who He created you to be.